Ladder Company 1 Manhattan

Ladder Company 1 Manhattan is the oldest company on the job.

This company was formed on July 10, 1772 as Hook and Ladder No.1

four years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

In 1784 the company was reorganized. This company never lost their organization for a single day during the existence of the Old Fire Department, and on the organization of the Paid System, Hook and Ladder Company No.1 was created September 8, 1865, using the same location, the same truck and the same red cap fronts as Mutual Hook and Ladder No.1 did, and nine of her twelve members had served in the old company. It was the only company that was continued with the same number and location, and might be said that Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 has had a continuous existence since June 16, 1784.

Ladder 1 in front of 22-26 Chambers Street. The photo was taken around 1876.

The rig is an 1869 FDNY 65' ladder truck. They were here from 1865 to 1905.

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by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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