Ladder Company 1

By Mike Boucher S.I. CO

It is uncertain when this three bay, 3 story fire house was erected. Some sources' state it was built in 1849 or 1850, others say it was built in 1852. All the sources do agree it was built for Protector Engine 22, Pearl Hose 28, and Mutual Ladder 1. Engine 22 was placed in service on June 25, 1840 with an address of 26 Chambers Street. In A. J. Costello 's book “Our Firemen” he reports that Engine 22 moved to new quarters in 1849. The old firehouse at 26 Chambers had to be torn down for this new building and Engine 22 must have moved to another site. Pearl Hose 28 went in service on May 25, 1839, on Centre Street above Chambers Street and moved to Chambers Street during 1852. Mutual Ladder 1 was placed in service on June 16, 1784, and moved from Beaver Street & Broad Street on June 14, 1852. All three companies were disbanded on September 20, 1865 and replaced by the paid companies, which were placed in service on September 8th. Engine 22 was replaced by Engine 7. Mutual Ladder 1 was replaced by Metropolitan Ladder 1, which is the only company that can trace it roots back to 1784. Both Ladder 1's have served the people of New York City faithfully for over 200 hundred years without any interruption. Ladder 1 is the only paid company to have the same number as the volunteer department, in the same house and with most of the same members. Battalion 2 was placed in service here on January 1, 1869. The Fire Department used only the first floor, with the top two floors being used for a court house. On November 8, 1875, the courts moved to the third floor and on January 19,1876, the members of Engine 7 and Ladder 1 were relocated into temporary living quarters across the street at 12 Centre Street. The second floor of the fire house was rebuilt into quarters and the members moved back to Chambers Street on February 19, 1876. Chemical Engine 8 was added to Ladder 1's quarters on October 23, 1876, and became part of Ladder 1 on August 15, 1877. After a couple of years the court moved out and the members had all three floors for their use. New York’s first water tower was placed in service here on July 2, 1879. Battalion 2 moved into temporary quarters with Engine 31 at 68 Lafayette Street on April 1, 1894. The Water Tower moved to new quarters along with Engine 31 to 87 Lafayette Street on June 3, 1896. A lot for a new fire station was picked out at Park Row and Chambers Street in July of 1897 for Engine 7 and Ladder 1. For an unknown reason the lot was not used by the Fire Department. New quarters were built for Engine 32 at 49 Beekman Street and Engine 7 moved in here instead of Engine 32 on June 15, 1903. Engine 7's part of the Chambers Street quarters were torn down for the building of the Independent Rapid Transit Subway Line. Ladder 1 moved out to new quarters at 100 Duane Street on December 31, 1905. The building was torn down and the land is now a park. LINE OF DUTY DEATH: Engine 7 FF. Francis Reilly 1892 FF. John Reinhardt was overcome by smoke at 161-163 Chambers St. on May 6, 1897. Ladder 1 FF. Thomas Dougherty died when a wall fell at 384-386 Broadway on Feb. 20, 1880, Box 33-120. FF. John Cassidy died when a wall fell at 384-386 Broadway on Feb. 20, 1880, Box 33-120. FF. James C. O’Shaunessy crushed his leg at 203 Broadway and it was amputated on Apr. 11, 1887, He died from blood poisoning on May 11, 1877. Box 44. Battalion 2 Chief George A. Erlacher was thrown from the apparatus in front of 183 Water St. while responding to Peck Slip & Water Street on Feb. 9, 1873. APPARATUS: Engine 7 1866 Amoskeag 2nd size steamer, #148, Sep. 8, 1965. 1865 Amoskeag hose tender. 1868 Amoskeag 2nd size steamer in 1869 1872 FDNY hose tender, #31. 1880 Clapp & Jones 1st size steamer, #352, Nov. 1880. Rebuilt in Sep. 1894. 1888 Gleason & Bailey hose tender, #81. 1896 Gleason & Bailey hose wagon, #52. Chemical Engine 8 1876 Woodbridge Smith upright chemical engine, 2 wheel, 1 horse pulled chemical engine Ladder 1 1865 Charles E. Hartshorn ladder truck. 1869 FDNY Shops 65’ ladder truck, #6, Dec. 1869. 1892 Rumsey & Co. 75’ ladder truck #39, 1892 Water Tower 1 1879 Greenleaf 50’ hoist, #1, Jul. 2, 1879. 1882 Greenleaf 50’ hoist, #2, Dec. 28, 1982 1885 Greenleaf/FEMCO, #3 1895 Hale/FEMCO, 65’ #6, MEDAL WINNERS: Engine 7 Capt. Thomas A. Kenny, Stephenson Medal, 1888. Ladder 1 Lt. Minthorne D. Tompkins, James Gordon Bennett Medal, Nov. 14, 1869. FF. Thomas Hutchinson, James Gordon Bennett Medal, Nov. 20, 1872. FF. Thomas J. Dougherty, James Gordon Bennett Medal, Mar. 31, 1876. Capt. Peter H. Short, James Gordon Bennett Medal, Feb. 21, 1885. Capt. John S. Honan, Stephenson Medal, 1890.

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