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Friday February 21, 2003 Annual FDNY Bravest Football Club Party !

One New York City Firehouse's story of September 11, 2001



All 343

About The Maltese Cross

Skyscraper Safety Campaign created in memory of Christian Michael Otto Regenhard, a 28 year old Probationary Firefighter

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From 1865 until 2001 FDNY lost 774 members in the line of duty. On September 11th we have lost an additional 343 members.
We took the hit for all the Fire Fighters in America. Over 6,000 civilians lost there lives in this attack.
To give you some prospective of the magnitude of this attack against America
2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians died at Pearl Harbour and 2,500 during the invasion of Normandy during WW II, see my link on "Tradition" above.

Mr. Dunn, My name is Warren Bascome. My great, great Grandfather was Chief Hanlan in the NYFD, who is second from the left in the picture enclosed.
I do not know his 1st name and to be more precise, he was a "step". He rescued my great grandmother in a fire that killed all except her.
She was an infant and he raised her as his own. Her name was Estelle. Where can I find information on him, his station, career or anything else?
I appreciate your time. Sincerely, Warren H. Bascome bascomew@ec.rr.com


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FDNY Fire Zone!


Are Architects,Engineers and Code-Writing Officials Friends of The Firefighter?


All FDNY Members Murdered on 9/11/01

Database of all those Murdered on 9/11/01

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Deputy warned of high-rise fires in 1995 article

A Fire Chief's Assessment - Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed

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Fire Department Training Network

Vincent Dunn's Open Letter to Tom Ridge the Homeland Security Director

All FDNY Members Murdered on 9/11/01

Database of all those Murdered on 9/11/01

This web site was created (8 years ago) and is maintained by Don Van Holt retired, Ladder Company 108.
"Since 1865 we have never abandoned our dead"
"It is our very essence, it is our tradition!" Don - Webmaster (516) 867-0274

35 years ago the 23rd Street Fire and Collapse October 17th 1966

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Lieutenant List Exam # 6516 from FireTechStudies.com

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Fire Command and Control is now a nonprofit Foundation.
The goal of this Web Site is to enhance the knowledge and professionalism in the Fire Service and save Firefighters lives.

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