Tests of Sleam Fire Engines.

Under a resolution of the Board, a test of engines took place on November 9, 1880 of which the subjoined is a report:

The engines to be run for twelve (12) consecutive hours, with at least two (2) cocks of water, the steam pressure to be limited to 100 pounds per square inch; an accurate record of the steam and water pressure, and the distance the water is thrown, to be taken at least each fifteen (15) minutes; time of stopping, if any, of each engine, and its cause, noted, but the test to proceed with the others, nevertheless. The builders of the engines to have the privilege of running their own machines, and having them put in thorough order at the Repair Shops before the trial. In case the privilege of running their own engines be declined, the test will proceed under the direction of the Department. Cannel coal furnished by the Department to be used, and a record of the quantity kept. The Clapp & Jones Manufacturing Company and the Ahrens Manufacturing Company replied to the resolution and consented to run their engines. The Manchester Locomotive Works declined to take part in the test, consequently their engine was run by members of this Department. Engines 13 and 33 were taken to the Repair Shops and examined by their respective builders, they, being new engines, needed no repairs. No. 20, having been in service about nineteen (19! months, it was deemed advisable to make a thorough examination of the engine. A leak was found in the lap of the steam chimney; some of the springs of the valves in the pumps were broken. The valves and springs were all replaced with new ones, and the old leathers on the pump plungers were removed, and replaced with new ones. All the steam and water gauges were tested, to a uniform standard, by A. Schmidt & Brothers, of 41 Ccntre street.

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