Engine Company 156 Staten Island

Top Row:     FF P. Smith, FF M. Gurnick, Fr. K. Kearns, FR. P. Mohin, FF. C. Arnone, FF. R. Malanga
Row Three:  FF D. Reilly, FF. A. Arpaia, FF. E. Sweeney, FF C. VanPelt, FF T. Florenza
Row Two:    FF A. Evans, FF. P. Pizzolo, FF. A. Simoncini, FF. M Bracero, FF. A Parello, FF. S. Krute
                     FF. J Willadsen,  FF. R. Smith, FF L..Garda, FF. L Renia
Front Row.  FF. F. Wicinski, Lieut. G. Obremski, Lieut. R. Burns, Lieut. J. Tyler, Capt. T. O'Neil,
      FF. S. Stafford

"Engine Company 156, 09:00 hrs 10/20/99"

Photo by: Sal of Ladder 79

Engine Company 156 was organized as Engine 206 on October 1, 1905

On January 1, 1913 Engine Company 206 was redesignated to Engine 156

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by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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