Fire Alarm Dispatchers, Manhattan

New York City Fire Department

FAD Wade (227)

(left) Rob DeMarr #703 & (right) Ed Overton Jr. #705.

"Manhattan dispatchers proudly show off their trophy as the 2007 Dispatch softball Champions, recently defeating the Bronx dispatchers 10-8. Shown above (L to R) are PFAD K. WIlliams, PFAD T. Wrede, FAD W. Wade, FAD J. Kavanagh. Holding the trophy are FAD A. Ruff and FAD C. Kalisak" (left) Rob DeMarr #703 & (right) Ed Overton Jr. #705.

Back Row: (left to right) FAD Auriel Serrano (disp. 148), SFAD Juan Gonzalez, PFAD Ryan Rapach (disp. 717)
PFAD Rob Demarr (disp. 703), FAD Joe Kavanagh (disp. 116) Seated: FAD Allen Ruff (disp. 200)

Radio Frequency Manhattan 154.25

Patch by: Eagle Enterprises

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