Ladder Company 115 Queens

“The Jackson avenue house is one of those owned by the city.  It is overcrowded to a marked degree, and is dangerous to the life and limb of Truck No. 15’s men.  The rear of the building opens on Seventh Street and it is here that the truck leaves the place.  The floor slopes to the street at such an angle that when the truck starts to a fire, the greatest skill is required to prevent horses, apparatus, and men from being dashed to the house across the street.  Here, again, there is not room for all seven horses and one has to be stabled on the floor.  There are two horses for each the engine, tender, and truck, and one for Battalion Chief Frederick J. Snow… While on the main floor, apparatus and horses are packed so closely that one passes through with difficulty.  The bunk room is quite as bad.  Here, in one small room are nineteen beds.  It is necessary to place most of them close together.  In the winter time there being no proper arrangements for ventilation, this room is in anything but a sanitary condition.”  
-“FIREHOUSES FOR QUEENS”, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday, May 7, 1899


The engine & truck moved into their new quarters on September 3, 1904...

11-16 47th Road & 10-40 47th Avenue

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