Engine Company 293 Queens

" Woodhaven Wild Cats"

Engine Company 293 was first organized as Hose 2 on July 5, 1907

Later it was reorganized to Engine 293 on January 1, 1913

Steve Huron, Jeff Attridge, Glen Franke, Steve Ross.

Photo and story by: Tim Keller FDNY/EMS

This story was submitted by: Captain Robert J. Majesli, Captain Engine 293

On September 13, 1997, at 1552 hours, Engine 293 responded to box 8512. The alarm was for an electrical fire in apartment 3L. The address was 74-24 88 Road, Woodhaven, Queens. Upon arrival at the location, Lieutenant Dennis Eberhart(Division 13, Covering) directed Engine 293 to test and hook up to the hydrant. Lieut. Eberhart then proceeded to the third floor of the building to locate the cause of the alarm. Shortly thereafter, a female civilian came down the stairs and stated a firefighter had collapsed on the third floor. EMS was immediately notified via the Department radio. Upon hearing that a member collapsed, the members of Engine 293 dropped their masks in the street. Firefighter Attridge, the chauffeur of Engine 293, gathered the defibrillator and portable suction unit that are located in the cab of the apparatus. The other members collected the oxygen bag and the medical supply bag. All the members raced up the stairs. They found lieutenant Eberhart lying on the third floor public hallway. Firefighter Kevin DeLano(Ladder 142) was in the process of giving chest compressions. Due to the combined area of the hall landing, members decided to move Lt. Eberhart into the apartment. Firefighter Steven Ross(E293) checked for breathing and pulse. He verified that indeed Lt. Eberhart had no vital signs. Chest compressions resumed. F.F. Glen Franke (F293) connected a bag valve mask to the oxygen cylinder while F.F. Ross inserted the C-Tube. FF John Veracka (294) placed the defibrillator pads on the Lieutenants' chest while FF Steven Huron (E293) readied the defibrillator for use. Compressions were interrupted while the defibrillator analyzed the patient. It indicated that "shock" was necessary. FF Huron cleared members away from the lifeless body and shocked the patient. FF Ross and FF Franke rechecked Lt. Eberhart and noted the vital signs were restored. The Lieutenant was rolled on his side and foam in his mouth was removed by GG Huron by the suction unit. Life support was continued and his condition was monitored. Within 5 minutes, EMS personnel arrived. Lt. Eberhart was then placed on a backboard and taken down the three flights of stairs. The member was placed in an EMS ambulance and transferred to the cardiac intensive care unit of Jamaica Hospital.

Members who directly assisted in the operation:

FF Jeffery Attridge (293)

FF Steven Ross (E293)

FF Glen Franke (E293)

FF Steven Huron (E293)

FF Kevin DeLano(EL142)

FF John Verack(E294)

LT. Charles Clarke(E294)

Lt. Dennis Eberhart is now recuperating at home.

e-mail Lt. Kevin Powers

by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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