Engine Company 58 Manhattan
" The Fire Factory"

ORG.	81 W. 115th St.		(Jun.  1, 1893)
RELOC.	52 E. 114th St.	At L-26	(Nov.  8, 1948)
NQTRS.	1365 5th Ave.	W/ L-26	(Mar. 10, 1960)
CHANGE	1367 5th Ave.		(Oct. 26, 1961)

Photo from the collection of: Bill Noonan (Boston FD)

From left to right-Pete DiPiano, John Modarfferi, Charlie Raymond,
Vinney Marino, Garth Henning, Vincent Dunn (Captain) John Wardlaw ( Chief Battalion 25)

"The Firefighting Machine"
From left to right in the seat- Walter Fourness, Captain Vincent Dunn, Charlie Matassa,
Jim O'Rouke (on the stang), Joe Valenti ( Nozzle Man), John Sineno "Da Cook", Gene O'Shea (standing on John's shoulders

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