Engine Company 22 Manhattan

ORG.	1511 3rd Ave.	FQ Vol.	(Oct.  2, 1865)
NQTRS.	159 E. 85th St.		(May   7, 1878)
RELOC.	159 E. 87th St.	At L-13	(Jan. 18, 1960)
NQTRS.	159 E. 85th St.	W/ L-13	(May  11, 1961)

Engine 22/Ladder13 and Bn 10's quarters as it was in 1960 when the present quarters was opened. Photo by:Don Striffler

Photo by:Don Striffler

Engine Company 22 was organized October 2, 1865.

Photo was taken around 1876 in front of Engine 22's quarters at 1511 3rd Ave.

They were there from Oct. 2, 1865 until May 7, 1878.

Engine 22's 2nd quarters at 159 E. 85th St. This site once belonged to Americus Hose 48.

That building was torn down around 1877 for this building.

Engine 22 moved to Lad. 13 on Jan. 18, 1960. The building was torn down and replaced with the current house..

Photos and history by: Mike Boucher S.I. CO
Mike Boucher

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