Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal January-February 2000

THE THREE 1999 SEAGRAVE/AERIALSCOPE 95-foot tower-ladders have been delivered for assignment to Ladder Companies 9,12, and 172. They differ somewhat in cabinet configuration and basket design from the later model 75-foot Aerialscope towers in FDNY service. The overall length from front bumper to end of basket is 45 fees, 5 inches, making them virtually identical in length to the 1989 and 1991 Mack/Baker /Saulsbury 95-foot tower-ladders now in service. The overall length of the body is 43 feet, 2 inches. The two assigned to Ladders 12 and 172 have replaced the only two 1985 Mack/Baker 95-foot models, both of which are slated for disposal. They were the first 95-foot Mack/Baker towers in service. The one assigned to Ladder 9 replaces a 1989 Mack/Baker/Saulsbury which will be kept as a spare. FDNY currently has seventeen 95foot tower-ladders in first line service. Besides the three new ones, there are four 1989 models at Ladders 119,131,152,163 and ten 1991 models at Ladders 14,33,44,50,58,85,107,117,121, 153. All are built on Mack CF chassis, using Baker booms and body work by Saulsbury. No additional 95-foot towers are currently on order.

The first of the spare 1986 Mack/Ward 79 1000 gpm pumpers to become part of the reserve fleet has been designated as Reserve 515. It was the former apparatus of Engine 250. With this assignment, FDNY again has a full quota of twenty-two reserve pumpers. Unlike spare pumpers, the reserve pumpers are fully equipped and can be placed into service immediately when staffed with overtime personnel.

Sixteen 1999 diesel powered four-wheel-drive four-door Chevrolet Suburbans have entered service in early November, assigned to Battalions 20, 21, 22, 23, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49,51, 53, 57, Safety, Special Operations, and Technical Services. The one assigned to the 45th Battalion has been equipped with a special cross-band repeater radio system to be used at high rise fires. These vehicles are replacing 1994 Suburbans in those units. Thirty-eight additional, identical 1999 Chevrolet Suburbans will be delivered immediately after this order. The first sixteen of those are being assigned to the EMS Bureau, with the latter twenty-two going to battalions to replace 1994 and 1997 Suburbans. All eleven 2000 Ford Crown Victoria four-door sedans have entered service. Nine have replaced Chevrolet Caprice sedans as response vehicles for the on-duty deputy chiefs in all nine divisions, with the other two assigned to the two on duty FDNY medical officers. They are all painted white-over-red; with the standard striping.

The New York Fire Patrol has placed three new salvage trucks into service. Built by Ferrara on conventional 1999 GMC model C-7500 chassis, the three new trucks are completely different in design from any prior Fire Patrol apparatus. A separate crew cab entrance, with side entrance doors and four forward facing seats, is located directly behind the standard front cab. Like the previous Patrol vehicles, they carry approximately fifty salvage covers, plus a large assortment of tools and special equipment. They are equipped with a recently developed system to control emission and smoke from the exhaust system. One of the new trucks has been assigned to each of the three Patrol stations. Instead of the usual large unit numbers, a replica of the individual patch of each unit is mounted on both sides of the trucks

In other New York City apparatus news, the West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department, located in Queens, has purchased a former FDNY 1979 Mack 1000 gpm pumper that had been used as a foam carrier. This apparatus has been converted into a rescue-pumper by the addition of a completely new body constructed By LEE's Emergency Equipment.

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