Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal September-October 1999

OUR LAST ISSUE MENTIONED Seagrave being the only bidder on separate contracts for eight 1000 gpm pumpers, five 2000 gpm pumpers and five 1000 gpm rescue-pumpers. Actual purchase orders have been forwarded for the building of these eighteen pumpers, all expected to be delivered in mid-2000. The previous orders for ten Seagrave 1000 gpm pumpers, plus an additional ten in an add-on order, are expected to start arriving in December, 1999.

Approval has been given for FDNY to use its B-option to add two more 100-foot Seagrave tillers to the original order of three. Delivery of the first three of these five vehicles is also expected by the end of 1999. Sixteen 1999 model diesel powered Chevrolet Suburbans are expected to be delivered before the end of this year to replace older battalion chief vehicles. They will be similar to the twenty-four 1999 GMC Suburbans already in service with the EMS Bureau. As no diesel Suburbans are expected to be built for the 2000 model year, FDNY has ordered thirty-nine additional 1999 model year Chevrolet Suburbans for later delivery. The eleven red and white Ford Crown Victoria four door sedans, ordered previously for division chiefs and on duty medical officers, could not be supplied by Ford for the 1999 model year and are expected to be delivered later this year, classed as 2000 models.

Support vehicles now on order include eight GMC communications mechanic's trucks. twenty-two GMC heavy duty communications utility bucket trucks, two Freightliner communications cable trucks, two GMC communication. heavy duty utility trucks, three Ford passenger vans and seven Ford enclosed style vans.

Bidding is expected shortly for a contract to build four hundred ambulances, eighty per yea for the next five years. Nine 1999 Cushman three wheel motor scooter type vehicles have been delivered, replacing some worn out 1986 model now in service with the EMS Bureau. Staffed by either an EMT, paramedic or supervisor, the carry a limited amount of basic life support equipment, permitting an injured person to b stabilized pending arrival of an ambulance. The normally operate on the various beach board walks, as well as during special events in crowded streets, parks, and other limited access areas.

Bidding is expected within the next several months to build three new diesel powered, steel hulled fireboats. Two will be 85 feet long, each with a 10,500 gpm fire pump capacity. The larger boat will be 125 feet long, with a 20,000 gpm fire pump capacity.

The low bid for the new Feild communications Unit was a Freightliner Type 106 two-door chassis with an American LaFrance/Rescue Master body. The actual purchase order has not yet been issued. Delivery will be during next year.

In other New York City apparatus news, Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, has placed a high-rail brush fire unit into service at its sprawling Sunnyside Yards, in Queens. The apparatus will be used within the large yard complex and adjoining right-of-way. It is a 1999 GMC with an Astoria Truck Body utility body, with Diversified Metal Fabrications and Danko components, assembled by Vacuum Sales. It is equipped with a skid-mount unit that has a separate diesel engine, Waterous 250 gpm pump, and 300-gallon tank. The vehicle is equipped to operate conventionally, or on the rails, with its steel railroad wheels lowered.

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