Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal March-April 1999

DELIVERY OF THE FINAE SIX PUMPERS FROM the add-on order of twenty-four 1998 1000 gpm Seagrave units has been slightly delayed due to labor difficulties at the Seagrave factory. These six, originally slated for delivery in December, are all expected to now be delivered by early March. The first eighteen of this add-on order are all now in service at Engine Companies 1,14, 33,76,79,80,84,93,217,234,238,249,254,264, 282, 310, 318 and 332. Seagrave also has a purchase order for ten new 1000 gpm pumpers, with fixed four-door cabs and 500-gallon booster tanks. These are slated for delivery in December 1999. An add-on contract for ten more identical units has been agreed on, with the actual purchase order pending. In addition, the Department will be opening bids for additional twelve 1000 gpm pumpers.

The Department has also asked for funding for five additional 1000 gpm rescue-pumpers for assignment to Squad Companies 18,61,252,270 and 288. Final approval on this funding is still pending, however this is expected with the bidding process to be held shortly. These apparatus are going out for new bidding, as the add-on option on the contract to build the 1998 Seagrave 1000 gpm rescue-pumper for Squad Company 1 had been used to build an identical vehicle for Squad Company 41. Also going out for bidding shortly will be a contract to build five 2000 gpm pumpers for assignment to Engine Companies 72,159,207,284, and 324.

Delivery of eleven Seagrave 100-foot rearmount aerials was expected to begin in late February and continue through early June. These are from an original order of six, with an add-on order for five additional units. Delivery on three Seagrave 100-foot tillered aerials is expected late summer, with no add-one pending.

The three remaining Seagrave/Aerialscope 75foot towers, from an add-on order, will be delivered during March and April. The new contract for five Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot towers, with a pending add-on for eight more, is expected to be delivered starting in January 2000. The two Seagrave/Aerialscope 95-foot towers, plus an already approved add-on for one more, will be delivered during this summer.

A spare 1985 Seagrave 100-foot rear-mount aerial, originally assigned to Ladder Company 3 prior to joining the spare pool, was repainted with the current style graphics added, and is now assigned to the Bureau of Training. It is used for chauffeur training, as well as recruit training activities. This is the first of the older rearmounts to get the new style vertical striping.

Several special apparatus have recently received new designations to reflect operational changes. All of the foam carriers and the High-X Foam Unit now use the designation "Foam" followed by the unit number of the engine company the apparatus is quartered with (Foam 95, Foam 154, etc.). In addition, the Maxi-Water System, consisting of six engine companies equipped with 2000 gpm pumpers and satellite hose wagons, has been re-designated the Satellite Water System. Concurrent with this change, the Maxi-Water Unit has been re-designated Satellite 6 and primary response areas for all six satellites have been established. A Satellite Unit will respond on the transmission of a second alarm. In certain areas of the city and on specific target hazards, or when a fireboat goes to work at a land fire, a Satellite Unit responds when the full first alarm assignment is operating and the fire is not under control. Additional satellites no longer respond automatically. If needed, additional satellites can be special-called by the incident commander.

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