Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal November-December 1998

Two 1998 SEAGRAVE 1000- GPM RESCUE - pumpers have been delivered and assigned to Squads 1 and 41. Squad 1 had a 1992 Seagrave, which is being reassigned to the Fire Academy. Squad 41's 1989 Mack/Ward 79 pumper is slated to be a spare. The new rescue-pumpers are almost two feet longer than the standard Seagrave FDNY pumpers are. There are full height compartments on both sides for the extra tools and equipment carried by these units. Funding is not presently available to procure additional rescue-pumpers for the other five squads.

Also delivered in September were the first of the twenty-four standard Seagrave 1000 8pm pumpers, which are add-one to the original order of thirteen delivered earlier this year. The last of the original thirteen has been assigned to Engine Company 290. Their 1992 Seagrave is being re-assigned to the Fire Academy. The twenty-four new pumpers, like the two rescue pumpers, have fixed four-door J-series cabs. They are currently slated for assignment to Engine Companies 1, 14, 16, 33, 74, 76, 79, 80, 84,93,217,234,238,249,254,264,282,310,315, 318, 328, and 332, as well as Squads 18 and 61. All of these units operated either 1987 or 1988 Mack/Ward 79 pumpers. Engine Companies 246 and 276 still operate 1987 models, which actually entered service after those listed companies that have 1988 models. These two units will be assigned new apparatus when an expected order for ten new pumpers are delivered late next year. Specs for new 2000 8pm pumpers have not yet been completed, with immediate purchases not expected until the year 2000.

The three remaining Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot tower-ladders from an add-on order are scheduled for delivery early next year and are slated for Ladder Companies 18, 31 and 162. Another order for five 75-foot tower-ladders is pending. The purchase order for two 95-foot tower-ladders has been awarded to Seagrave/Aerialscope with delivery expected by next fall. They will go to Ladder Companies 12 and 172 replacing their 1985 Mack/Baker 95-foot towers. Approval for an add-on for one additional 95foot model is still pending.

Seagrave has received the purchase order for six loo-foot rear-mounts, plus five add-one, making a total of eleven. The actual purchase order for the three loo-foot tractor drawn Seagrave aerials has also gone through. Delivery on all of these aerials will take place during 1999.

The department has acquired a heavy duty 1991 Mack tractor from the Department of Sanitation. This vehicle has been repainted and upgraded and is currently assigned to Haz-Mat Operations where it joins two other tractors, a 1986 Peterbilt and a 1966 Kaiser. These tractors are utilized under an assortment of trailers for both haz-mat and FEMA use.

The recent strike at General Motors has caused a delay in delivery of the twenty-four GMC diesel powered Suburbans on order. Delivery is expected next spring. Thirty-seven 1999 Chevrolet Lumina sedans were ordered and delivery is expected shortly. They will not be used as response vehicles. Two Freightliner rack body trucks, being built by Central Truck Company, are also expected shortly. Equipped with four-wheel drive, these vehicles will have snowplow and salt spreader capabilities and will be used for pick-up of illegal and discarded propane cylinders in conjunction with fire prevention enforcement. They will be assigned to the Fleet and Technical Services Division. Two Freightliner rodding cable trucks, for the Bureau of Fire Communications, are on order with delivery expected in the spring. Twenty-four 1998 Ford Model E-250 cargo vans have been delivered and are being made ready for use by the Buildings Maintenance Division. A 1998 Ford E-350 fifteen passenger van has been delivered and assigned to the Bureau of Training.

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