Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal May-June 2002

THE FIRST OF FIVE NEW HEAVY RESCUES being built by Saulsbury has arrived and will be assigned to Rescue 1. These have 26-foot boxes built on Cyclone 11 chassis, aluminum cabs, stainless steel bodies, power-take-off driven generators, front and rear winches, and light towers. On the front of Rescue 1's cab is the word OUTSTANDING, a favorite saying of Captain Terry Hatton, the former Captain of Rescue I who assisted in designing these apparatus and was subsequently killed at the Trade Center.

Saulsbury has also delivered the two new Tactical Support Units. These are almost identical to the prior TSU apparatus. They are built on International chassis and have slightly different lettering and graphics than the older rigs.

A donated 2002 Luverne 1000 gpm pumper was presented in a ceremony at Fire Headquarters on February 25th. Built on a Spartan chassis, it has a full-tilt cab, with a Cummins diesel engine and a Darley pump. Its assignment is not yet determined.

The emergency orders of Seagrave pumpers have been steadily arriving. The first of the 1000 gpm pumpers, assigned to Engine 15, the first two 1000 gpm high-pressure pumpers assigned to Engines 6 and 10, and the first two 1000 gpm rescue-pumpers assigned to Squads I and 18, are 2001 models. The remaining ones are being carried as 2002 models, but are identical to the 2001 models. For financial reasons, the City has disapproved an add-on order for an additional high-pressure pumper onto the emergency contract of four such units. The first Seagrave tiller under the emergency contracts, a 2001 model, has been placed into service at Ladder 101.

The quarters of Engine 10 and Ladder 10, directly across the street from the World Trade Center, required a major cleaning and rehab project following September Hth. In addition, the streets adjoining the firehouse were made impassable by debris. Both companies had lost their rigs and were placed out of service. On November 30, 2001, Engine 10 returned to service assigned a 1988 Mack/Ward 79 pumper. The company was placed in service at the quarters of Engine 4 and Ladder 15. They have since received a 2002 Seagrave 1000 gpm.high-pressure pumper. On February 19, 2002, Ladder 10 returned to service with a 1989 Seagrave 100

foot rear-mount. On that date, Engine 10 was relocated to the quarters of Engine 7, Ladder I and the Ist Battalion and Ladder 10 was placed in service at the quarters of Engine 4 and Ladder 15. They have since received their specially painted new Seagrave 100-foot rearmount. It is expected that both companies will move back to their own quarters within the next few months.

Ladder Company 118 has been re-assigned a 1991 Seagrave 100-foot tiller to replace their own 1991 Seagrave tiller. Ladder 131 has been re-assigned a 1989 Mack/Baker 95-foot towerladder to replace their own 1989 Mack/Baker 95-foot tower. The former apparatus of both Ladders 118 and 131 were both damaged, but not destroyed, at the World Trade Center.

In our last issue we had reported a bid opening in January for one 75-foot tower-ladder. This was changed to two, with the contract going to Seagrave/Aerialscope. This is in addition to the emergency contract for five Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot towers. We also reported the total order of thirteen Seagrave/Aerialscope 95-foot towers, including the original order of eight, plus an add-on of five. One of the five add-on 95-foot models has been changed to an additional 75-foot model. This is slated for assignment to Ladder Company 33. They are presently using a 1987 Mack/Baker 75-foot tower.

Our November-December 2001 issue described three former 1987 Mack/Ward 79 1000 gpm spare pumpers that were retrofitted into Foam Units 96,260 and 321 utilizing newly installed 1000-gallon foam tanks and other modifications. Since that issue, three more spare 1987 models have been retrofitted by the Pumper Section at Fleet Services. These three, formerly the rigs of Engines 93, 84, and 276 have been made into Foam Units 5, 152, and 294 respectively. These Foam Units, also known as Foam Carriers, are quartered with the engine company whose number they carry. Four additional 1000 gallon foam tanks are awaiting installation on four other spare pumpers converting them to Foam Carriers.

The Pumper Section of the Shops has constructed a brush rig on a 2002 Ford four-wheeldrive chassis. The firefighting package is a 105 gpm 1993 Saulsbury module with a 200-gallon tank. It was slated for assignment to BFU 4.

Three 2002 step vans on GMC Workhorse chassis with Union City Body Company bodies, have been delivered and made ready for service as haz-mat tenders, operating as the second pieces of Rescue 5, Squad 18, and Squad 252. All replace apparatus lost at the Trade Center.

New York City has canceled the contract for 400 McCoy-Miller ambulances, which was based on 80 per year for five years. Only 18 of the expected first 80, delivered in 2001 and 2002, on 2000 Ford F-350 chassis, entered service. in order to alleviate an urgent need for ambulances, FDNY has been given an emergency declaration authorization to obtain a maximum of 100 ambulances without going through a time-consuming bidding period. A letter of intent has been issued to Horton to build at least 55 ambulances.

In other New York City apparatus news, the apparatus of Fire Patrol 2, heavily damaged at the Trade Center, has been repaired and returned to service. The New York Fire Patrol has also purchased a four-door 2001 Ford with an EVI body equipped with roll-up doors. The design of this apparatus is a departure from previous Patrol rigs. The new apparatus will be used as a dedicated spare.