Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal March-April 2002

A DONATED 2002 FERRARA INFERNO 1000 ,gpm pumper was delivered on December 20, 2001. on-going contracts

A DONATED 2002 FERRARA INFERNO 1000 gpm pumper was delivered on December 20, 2001. It carries the wording The Spirit of Louisiana, with an outline of that state on both sides, as well as a metal plaque with the donation details next to the pump panel. The pumper has a Waterous 1000 gpm pump and a 500‑gallon water tank. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine. The large six‑person, tilt‑cab is aluminum, however the body is steel. From the cab backwards, it closely resembles the FDNY Seagrave pumpers in configuration and equipment, including the hydraulic ladder rack mounted atop the right side of the hose body. It is being assigned to Engine Company 283 and replaces a 1993 Seagrave pumper.


The pumper contracts with Seagrave currently consist of nineteen standard 1000 gpm pumpers under the World Trade Center emergency contracts, plus forty standard 1000 gpm units from a regular contract.


There are also three 1000 gpm rescuepumpers as well as four 1000 gpm high‑pressure pumpers from the World Trade Center emergency authorization.


The first of these, a standard pumper, a highpressure pumper, and a rescue‑pumper, which will be assigned to Engines 15, 6, and Squad 1, have been delivered. The other two rescuepumpers will follow shortly and are going to Squad Companies 18 and 41. Two of the regular squad apparatus (Squads 1 and 18) were lost on September 1Ith, as was a retrofitted spare pumper being used by Squad 252. The other three high‑pressure pumpers will be assigned to Engine Companies 10, 34 and 65. All lost their high‑pressure rigs at the Trade Center.


Soon after the disaster, Engine 65 was given a newly delivered 2001 Seagrave 1000 gpm pumper, with Engine 34 getting the 2002 American LaFrance 1000 gpm pumper. Both of those will be re‑assigned when those two units get their new high‑pressure pumpers. The remaining seven standard 1000 gpm pumpers, are slated for Engine Companies 7, 21, 55, 28, 76, 202 and 204. All of these had their assigned apparatus destroyed on September 11 th.


The next eleven, due in during the spring and summer months, will replace the remaining 1992 Seagrave pumpers at Engine Companies


69,210,212,222,231,265,280,287,298,and the first two 1993 Seagrave pumpers which are at Engine Companies 236 and 241.


All of the original order of nineteen 2001 Seagrave 100‑foot rear‑mounts have entered service with Ladder Companies 3, 4, 8, 11, 29, 38, 43, 49, 61, 80, 113, 116, 125, 128, 132, 165, 173, plus one at the Bureau of Training. One, originally assigned to Ladder 4, was lost at the Trade Center and replaced by another of the 2001 models originally at the Bureau of Training. The next six, from a previously approved add‑on contract, are going to Ladder Companies 40, 55, 56, 140, 15 1, and 176. Those going to Ladders 40 and 151 are replacing 1991 Seagrave 100‑foot tillers, with the other four replacing 1991 Seagrave rear‑mounts.


There are also seventeen Seagrave 100‑foot rear‑mounts on order under the Trade Center contracts. The first of these, displaying a largerthan‑life size full‑color mural of the nowfamous World Trade Center flag raising scene set against a large American flag on both sides of the apparatus, has been delivered. The murals on this apparatus were donated by Seagrave employees.


The first of five Seagrave 100‑foot tillers is due in shortly and is going to Ladder Company 101 to replace their apparatus lost at the Trade Center. The next four are going to Ladder Companies 5, 6, 20 and 104. The first three of those companies lost their rigs on September I Ith. Five additional Seagrave 100‑foot tillers were ordered under the Trade Center contracts.


Four of the original contract of eight 2001 Seagrave/Aerialscope 95‑foot towers have been placed in service at Ladder Companies 107, 119, 152, and 163. The next four, coming in shortly, are going to Ladder Companies 14, 117, 121, and 153.


The 1999 Seagrave/Acrialscope 95‑foot tower of Ladder Company 9, badly damaged on September I I th, is back in service with a new Seagrave cab and chassis. The five add‑on Seagrave/Aerialscope 95‑foot towers will be coming in later this year, as will the five Seagrave/Aerialscope 75‑foot towers from a Trade Center emergency contract. Bid opening for two 75‑foot towers has taken place.


Delivery has started on the order of thirtynine 2002 diesel powered Ford Excursions. Currently, plans call for twenty‑five of these to be assigned as battalion vehicles, with the other fourteen going to the EMS Bureau. Two new Thawing Units have been ordered under an existing contract from the Department of Sanitation. They will have Reading bodies on GMC chassis and are being built by a local deal


er specializing in this type of equipment. Delivery is expected during the spring. FDN‑Y actually has funding for three more similar vehicles. These will either go out for bids, or two will possibly be added on to the contract for the first two. The five current Thawing Units, used to thaw out frozen hydrants and apparatus, are all on GMC chassis. The three 1984 models have Columbia Coach bodies, with the two different style 1989 models having Saulsbury bodies.