Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal January-February 2001

ALL FIVE OF THE 2000 SEAGRAVE 2000 GPM pumpers, assigned to Engine Companies 72, 159, 207, 284, and 324, have been delivered. The department will retain at least one of the Mack/Ward 79 2000 gpm pumpers as a spare. The eight 2000 Seagrave 1000 gpm pumpers for Engine Companies 28, 50, 154, 161, 202, 261, 293, and 321, are also being delivered. All will replace 1989 Mack/Ward 79 1000 gpm pumpers which will become spares or reserves. Final inspection was completed on October 16th on the first of the five 2000 Seagrave 1000 gpm rescue-pumpers, which are going to Squad Companies 18, 61, 252, 270, and 288. Delivery should now be complete. The last three 1989 Mack/Ward 79 1000 gpm pumpers, still in front line service at Engines 15, 164, and 297, will be replaced by three re-assigned Seagrave pumpers now in service with the Squads. At that time, the entire first line fleet of pumpers will all be Seagrave pumpers, of 1992 or newer vintage.


The final units of the add-on order of nine 2000 Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot tower-ladders are expected shortly. They are either in service, or slated for Ladder Companies 13, 22, 53, 765 86, 87, 135, 157, and 159. Another add-on of one additional 75-foot tower-ladder will be delivered in late 200 1. The bid opening date for a contract to build eight new 95-foot tower-ladders was scheduled for November 17, 2000, with delivery expected in late 2001. The first of the nineteen new 100-foot Seagrave rear-mount aerials is expected during March. The delivery of the addon order for two 100-foot Seagrave tillers, slated for Ladder Companies 6 and 173 to replace their 1989 Seagrave tillers, is expected shortly. A prebid conference, for a proposed order for eight tillers, was held October 24th, with only two manufacturers present. These eight will replace eight 1991 Seagrave tillers.


Delivery of the new Mack/Saulsbury haz-mat apparatus, to replace Haz-Mat 1's 1989 Mack/Saulsbury, is expected in April. The pilot model of eighty Ford/McCoy-Miller ambulances was delivered on October 16th. After some minor modifications, the balance of the order will be delivered during the next few months. This is the first part of a total contract for 400 ambulances to be delivered over a five year period. Specs are being prepared for the purchase of at least one heavy rescue apparatus. At present, all five rescue companies operate with 1996 HME/Saulsbury apparatus.

The new Field Communications Unit, being built by American LaFrance on a Freightliner chassis should have been delivered by this time.


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