Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal September-October 2000

THE FINAL DELIVERY OF TWENTY 1000 gpm Seagrave pumpers of the 1999-2000 order took place in July. The first, assigned to Engine 260 in Queens, is the only one classed as a 1999 model. The remaining nineteen, now in service at Engines 7, 24, 35, 91, 209, 218, 221, 237, 240, 243,246,273,275,276,285,307,323,325,and 330, are all classed as being 2000 models.

The next order of Seagrave pumpers will also be classified as 2000 models, but will be of 2000 gpm capacity. Unlike the 1000 gpm Seagrave pumpers now in service with Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines, these will have the larger Series 60 engine. They will be equipped with the Hale Q-Max two-stage pump, rather than the Waterous pump mounted on the 1000 gpm models. They were expected to be delivered by the time this column is in print and are slated for assignment to Engines 72,159,207,284, and 324. Also slated for delivery is an order of eight 1000 gpm Seagrave pumpers. They differ in a few minor details from the current models, with a visible difference being a gated large suction inlet on the right side.

The five 2000 Seagrave 1000 gpm rescuepumpers are now slated for delivery during November and will go to Squad Companies 18, 61, 252,270 and 288.

The first three 100 foot Seagrave tillered aerials are in service, with Ladders 20 and 10 1 classified as 1999 models and Ladder 34 as a 2000 model. The two similar 2000 add-ons are expected in October and are slated for assignment to Ladders 6 and 173.

The new order for nineteen 100-foot Seagrave rear-mounts is not expected until mid 2001.

Delivery continues on the current order of thirteen 75-foot Seagrave/Aerialscope towers. The first four, assigned to Ladders 1, 15, 41, and 146 are classified as 1999 models. The next nine, identical to the first four, are to be classified as 2000 models. They are still being delivered, with eight going to Ladders 13,22, 53, 76, 86, 87,135, and 159.

The assignment of the last 2000 Seagrave/Aerialscope is still undetermined as of this writing.

Bidding will soon take place for delivery of eight 95-foot towers. Delivery is not expected until late 2001.

The first of four hundred new McCoy-Miller ambulances were expected to arrive by the time this is in print, with the first year's order of eighty of the total four hundred, being delivered on the Ford F-350 chassis. The total contract is spread over a five year period.

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