Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal March-April 2000

Five 1999 Seagrave 100-Foot rear-mounts, which were an add-on to the initial order of six similar units delivered during the early summer of 1999, were delivered and placed into service during November and December. These have been assigned to Ladder Companies 32, 42, 113, 154, and 169. They have replaced 1987 and 1988 Seagrave rear-mounts. The oldest rear-mounts currently in first line service are 1989 Seagrave apparatus that include both 100-foot and 110-foot versions.

The first of thirteen new Seagrave/Aerialscope 75 -foot tower-ladders are in the process of being delivered. These are different in appearance from previous models, with the major change being a newly designed compartment configuration. The thirteen towers are from two separate orders. The first five, from the original order, will be assigned to Ladder Companies 1,15,41,76, and 146. The next eight are from an add-on order and will be assigned to Ladder Companies 13,22,53, 33,86,87,135, and 159. The final apparatus from that order was still unassigned as of this writing. The new towers will replace 1987 and 1988 Mack/Baker 75-foot towers. When all of these apparatus have entered service, the oldest first line 75-foot towers will be the 1994 FWD/Saulsbury/Baker towers, while the oldest towers still in first line service are 1989 Mack/Baker 95-foot models.

Delivery has also started on twenty Seagrave 1000 gpm pumpers. The major changes include a new flow meter and pressure gauge on the 3 inch discharge. The first ten are slated for assignment to Engine Companies 24, 209, 218, 221, 243, 246, 260, 276, 307, and 325. The next ten, which are an add on order, are slated for assignment to Engine Companies 7, 35, 91, 237, 240, 273, 275, 285, 323, and 330. These twenty will replace 1987, 1988, and 1989 Mack/Ward 79 pumpers. All of these are 1000 gpm pumpers.

Ten new vehicles have entered service in the Bureau of EMS. These are John Deere Gator units, powered by a 3-cylinder diesel engine on a 6x4 chassis and modified by Chief Equipment Company. They can easily carry two EMS personnel and a patient. They will be used t supplement ambulances at major events where large crowd conditions and limited access exist.

A former New York City Transit 1981 GMC transit bus has been acquired and retrofitted into a Mobile Mask Confidence Course. It is replacing a smaller former school bus. The Mobile Mask Confidence bus will be rotated through each field division on a regular basis. It is painted white with standard FDNY stripes and graphics

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