Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal Nov-Dec 2004

RESCUE COMPANY 6 WAS ORGANIZED ON August 2, 2004 quartered with Ladder 20 in lower Manhattan. Its response area is Manhattan south of 23rd Street, river to river. The company was originally assigned the 2002 Mack/General Safety heavy rescue. This apparatus has since been replaced with the larger, 2002 Freightliner/American LaFrance heavy rescue.

Effective August 8th, Engines 44, 165, and 274 have completed haz mat training and were each assigned a second piece, a 2001 Ford F 450 with Knapheide body identical to those issued to the SOC Support Ladder Companies. These will each be replaced shortly with one of four Haz-Mat Technician step vans. The last of these is slated to be assigned to a Brooklyn engine, which will also be trained as a haz mat tech unit. The four step vans were built by LDV on 2004 Freightliner chassis having Utilimaster bodies. An additional, similar step van is on order for use as a Rescue Equipment Van.

The third Ferrara high pressure pumper has been assigned to Engine Company 26, replacing their 1994 Seagrave 1000 gpm high pressure pumper. This 2004 model, using Ferrara's Ultra cab, is similar, but not identical to the two 2003 Ferrara 1000 gpm high pressure pumpers in service at Engines 54 and 258. It has a special three stage Waterous 1000 gpm high pressure pump, a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine and a 500 gallon booster tank.

The nine 1992 Seagrave pumpers that were assigned as reserve pumpers have now been replaced with 1993 Seagrave 1000 gpm models. Twenty one of the twenty two reserve pumpers are now equipped with 1993 Seagrave pumpers. The only exception is Reserve Engine 519, which has a 2002 Seagrave pumper that was the former apparatus of the disbanded Engine 212.

Four additional ladder companies, 45, 144, 150, and 170, have been designated as SOC Support Ladder Companies and have each been assigned a 2001 Ford F 450 with Knapheide utility body as their second piece. There are now 25 SOC Support Ladder Companies.

The retrofitted 1991 Mack/1982 Saulsbury collapse truck was relocated to the quarters of Ladder 25 in Manhattan as Collapse Rescue 1. At the same time, the collapse apparatus at Rescue 3 was redesignated Collapse Rescue 3.

The first of two Major Emergency Response Vehicles was at the local American LaFrance dealership being prepared for service as this was written, with the second to follow shortly. These were built by MedicMaster on Thomas Bus chassis. An additional add on MERV from the same builder is possible.

Two Mack roll off units were also being prepared for service and will be used to carry collapse pods, which are expected shortly. They are conventional chassis Mack Granite Series.

Scagrave was the low bidder on separate contracts to build two 100 foot tillers, fifteen 100 foot rearmounts, and eleven 75 foot towers. No 95 foot towers are currently on order. Five new Satellite hose wagons are being ordered from Ferrara, to be built on Mack MR chassis. They will replace the 1993 Mack MR/Saulsbury satellites assigned to Satellite Units 2 through 6.

Several other types of specialized apparatus are either on order or about to be ordered. A Ferrara collapse unit on a Mack MR chassis is expected early in 2005, with funding expected for two additional similar units. These will be straight frame units, not tractor trailers. Also on order is a large haz mat truck on a Ferrara custom chassis. Two new units, tentatively called Rebreather Mask Transports are being built by LDV on Freightliner chassis. Due in shortly is a Ford F 450 air compressor truck, as well as two air compressor trailers.