Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal May-June 2010

Delivery has started on the combined three-year contract for the building of twenty-two 2010 Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot towers built on the Seagrave Marauder II chassis, the fourdoor tilt -cab has a raised section over the rear seats, similar to the recently delivered Seagrave Marauder II pumpers. Several important internal improvements have been included in their final design and acceptance. The first unit has been assigned to the Bureau of Training for use in chauffeur training at the Fire Academy. The remaining twenty-one units will be assigned to ladder companies, in the following order of assignment: 138, 46, 21, 124, 142, 50, 77, 23, 35, 153, 162, 31, 15,41, 146, 76, 13,22, 135, 159, 86. Of the 75-foot towers being replaced, Ladders 138, 46, 21, and 124 have 1997 models, Ladders 142, 50, 77, 23, 35, and 153 have 1998 apparatus, Ladders 162, 31, 15, 41, and 146 have 1999 models, with Ladders 76, 13, 22, 135, 159, and 86 having 2000 models. The new towers are expected to be delivered at the rate of two per month. As reported in our previous issue, all forty of the 2009 Seagrave Marauder II 2000 gpm pumpers have now been placed in service, as were the prior thirty-one of 2008 vintage. Delivery on the two add-on contracts for twelve and sixteen similar pumpers is expected to start shortly. This total of twenty-two incoming pieces will make a total of ninety-nine Seagrave Marauder II 2000 gpm pumpers in the fleet.