Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

Re-printed from Fire Apparatus Journal September-October 2011

At the time of writing contracts were still pending for the building of four 2000 GPM high-pressure pumpers to repiace the Seagrave high-pressure pumpers assigned to Engines 6, 70,34, and 65. Also still pending is a contract for the building of six 1000 GPM rescue-pumpers. These will replace the Seagrave rescue-pumpers assigned to Squads 1, 18, 4)., 252, 270, and 288. Delivery continues on the current three-year contract for twenty Ferrara 100-foot rear- mount aerials, based on three orders of si-r, four, and ten. An add-on order was approved for the building of twenty-one additional units. In addition, a second add-on order for thirteen more has also been approved, making a total of fifty-four Ferrara rear-mounts. This total will allow for the replacement of all of the 1999, 2001, and 2002 Seagrave rear-mounts in first line service. Seagrave has been awarded a contract for the building of one 100-foot tiller. This will be used to replace the 2000 Seagrave tiller of Ladder 34. Additional units under this three-year contract agreement will be ordered, a possible ten more in total, to replace the one 2001 and the nine 2002 Seagrave tillers. Seagrave has been awarded an add-on for eight 75-foot towers. This is an add-on to the three-year order of twenty-two 2010 Seagrave/Aerialscope 75-foot towers, all of which have been delivered. The order for 95-foot towers, based on a three-year arrangement, has also been awarded to Seagrave, with the initial order being for two units, slated to go to Ladders i07 and 172.The additional units that will be ordered should total twelve more, which would replace all of the seven 2001 and five 2002 95-foot towers. The five 2011 Ferrara healy rescues have all been completed. Delivery on the one 2011 Ferrara haz-mat unit is expected shortly.