Ladder Company 102 Brooklyn

Ladder Company 102 started out as Ladder 2 in the Brooklyn Fire Department on September 15, 1869.
It became part of the Fire Department of the City of New York and was redesignated as Ladder 102 on January 1, 1913
ORG.	898 Bedford Ave.	FQ Vol.	(Sep. 15, 1869)
NQTRS.	894 Bedford Ave.		(Feb.     1892)
CHANGE	To Ladder 2, FDNY		(Jan. 28, 1898)
CHANGE 	To Ladder 52		(Oct.  1, 1899)
CHANGE	To Ladder 102		(Jan.  1, 1913)
NQTRS.	850 Bedford Ave.	W/ E-209	(Mar.  9, 1966)

1947 Ward LaFrance tractor, 1931 American LaFrance 75' ladder Photo by: Frank Fenning

Photo by: Frank Fenning donated by William F. Noonan ( Boston Fire Department )

  • William F. Noonan
  • Brooklyn Box 7-5-677, January 10 1976. Photo by Alex Donchin

    The following was researched by the Captain of Ladder 103, Jack Mooney

    	From left to right the members in the L-102 picture are:
    Bn 34 chief's aide Bill Blenck, Herbie O'Brien, Connie Metzger, Jerry
    Lambert, Ed Nowack, Lt. Frank Florio, Jim Coward, And Bn 34 BC Felix Kiffer.
    This picture was taken around 1960. These men were identified by retired DC
    Thomas Cotter who was the captain of L-102 in 1960. He also supplied the
    following information:
    	Herbie O'Brien transfered to L-102 from L-119; was promoted to Lt. in 1968
    and spent 20 years in that rank in E-35 in Harlem before retiring.
    Connie Metzger was originally assigned to L-1 before transfering to L-102. He
    retired from L-102 in the late 1980's.
    Jerry Lambert spent his entire carreer in L-102, retiring around 1985.
    Lt. Frank Florio was promoted to captain shortly after this picture was taken
    and was assigned to L-111.
    	BC Felix Kiffer was the captain of E-214 before being promoted to chief.
    Jim Coward received a Class 1 award for rescuing a man from the top floor
    rear of a brownstone. With 2 other firefighters holding down Jim's legs onto
    the roof  he hung down backwards over the edge of the roof (similar to the
    way kids hang upside-down from monkey bars) and lifted the victim out of the
    top floor window and up to the roof.
    	Tom Cotter joined the Dept in 1946. He was a FF in L-105 & L-111, Lt. in
    L-108, Capt 0f L-102 from 1955 to 1962, BC in Safety for 8 years and Bn 9 for
    3 years, DC in D-11 & retired from D-10 with 30 years in the Job.

    November 1960

    by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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