Engine Company 290 Brooklyn

Engine Company 290 was orgainzed October 1,1915.

  • Engine 290 and Ladder 103 Brooklyn History PDF!

    In my opinion, Engine 290 is one of the best Engine Companies in the world.

    I never hesitated to go above them in a fire when I was assigned to Ladder 103.

    290's new 1998 Seagrave Pumper Photo by:Joe Walsh Member of Eng 290

    Engine Company 290 1915 Photo courtesy of the UFA ( Herb Eysser )

    Note: Ladder 145 and Engine 296 were to go into service at 480 Sheffield Ave.
    Brooklyn. Engine 296 went to Queens and Ladder 145 was never organized.
    In the original 1915 photo of Engine 290 in front of quartes, above the doors you can see "Engine 296 and Ladder 145"

    Engine Company 290 showing off its 1915 Ahrens-Fox 700 gpm 6 cylinder pumper in front of quarters, 480 Sheffield Avenue.
    The same building is still there today.

    Brooklyn Engine 290 today in 2001, notice the new 2 story dwellings. Photos by: Steve Spak

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