Engine Company 281 Brooklyn

ENGINE 281 BROOKLYN ORG. 1210 Cortelyou Rd. (Mar. 20, 1913)

Bottom Row L-R: Arthur Darby, Pat Ward, Hank Clifford, George Murphy, Mike 
McGrath, Dave Deering, Gerry O'Donnell, Mike Irwin,
Next Row L-R:Lesley Alvarez, Joe LaCorte,  Robert Polacik, Roger Scott, Frank Pressure, Pete 
Brady, Dan Reddy, Frank Witkowski, Buddy Pantalaro, Joseph McGeary, Chris 
Dsecz, Dennis Quealy,
Next Row L-R: Tom King, Steve Collins, Tom Petrizzo, 
Mike Finnegan, James Kelly, John Hegemann, William Johnson, Frank Vultaggio, 
Thomas Gavitt, William Gleason, Mark Morello,
Top Row L-R: James Lunny, Kevin Cummings, Brian Foster, Edward Hughs, Joseph Richter, Robert Fraumeni, Robert 
Ryan, Anthony Srour, Chris King, Kenneth Klipp. 

I am sending you two photos of my dad's first company, Engine 281The company school on 68th St. The members in the photo are as follows; front row L-R Tom Holian, Jack (no last name given), Lt. Charles VanVolkenberg, Lt. James McGrath, Capt. Carmello Cardillo, Lt. James Casey (later to be Editor of Fire Engineering), Tommy Adams and Anton "Gus" Fichtel. Back row L-R Dick O'Niell, Willie Wolf, Frank Noschese, Danny Giorgio, Norman Clark, Walter "The Fox" Donohue, Fr. O'Niell, Freddie Feldman, Sam Thompson, Ed Tuohy (my dad), John Bone and Dick O'Sullivan.

The Photo donated by Ed Tuohy

This is the start of your home page, my gift to you.

by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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