Engine Company 252 Brooklyn

Engine Company 252 started out as Engine 52 in The Brooklyn Fire Department

later to become Engine 152 and was finally organized on May 1, 1896 to Engine 252

Squad 252 has started their own page!

The : Call of The Guardian by: Lt. Bob Higgins

ORG.	617 Central Ave.			(Apr.  1, 1897)
CHANGE	 To Engine 52, FDNY		(Jan. 28, 1898)
CHANGE 	To Engine 152 	    	     	(Oct.  1, 1899)
CHANGE	 To Org. Engine 252		(Jan. 13, 1913)
RELOC.	243 Hull St.	At E-233	(Feb. 14, 1933)
RQTRS.	617 Central Ave.	 	(Apr. 19, 1933)

Attached you will find 2 photos of the rigs assigned to Engine 252 when my great grandfather was a member of FDNY 1900 to 1925 Firemen L. Pett.
These have been passed down to me by my grandmother. Hope you can post them on your web site.
James Harrison Past Chief Melville Fire Department Melville, New York

This is the start of your home page, my gift to you.

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by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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