Engine Company 205 Brooklyn

ORG.	160 Pierrepont St.	FQ Vol.	(Sep. 15, 1869)
CHANGE	To Engine 5, FDNY		(Jan. 28, 1898)
CHANGE	To Engine 105		(Oct.  1, 1899)
CHANGE	To Engine 205		(Jan.  1, 1913)
RELOC.	274 Hicks St.	At E-224	(Jul. 30, 1925)
NQTRS.	74 Middagh St.	W/ L-118	(Oct. 22, 1929)
DISB.				(Jul.  2, 1975)
REORG.	74 Middagh St.	At L-118	(Jul.  4, 1975)


One of the guys asked me to send you this pic. I went on in 1968. My dad was DAC William M. Whalen he put 36 yrs. My grandfather William A. Whalen went on in 1908 and died in his sleep, at home, when I was 10 in 1957 - 49 yrs. He was the senior Lieu. in 148 Truck. My great grandfather (my father's maternal grandfather) Michael O'Neill did two five year terms with the US Cav. under Gen.Reno. I wouldn't be here today if Reno had listened to G.A. Custer. He was discharged at Ft. Hamilton and went straight to a fire house and they signed him up. He drove the horses from 1882 through the annexation of Brooklyn in 1898 at which time Steamer 5 became Engine 205. We used to run in with them on bigger fires down Atlantic Av. In fact, 205 was the company that did the last alarm of horses in the FDNY. They pulled the box at City Hall, Brooklyn in April on 1922. (arranged) and as the horses flew up to the Plaza, waiting for them was their new motorized rig. My great grandfather died in his sleep, at home, Still the senior driver of 205 in 1915. I'm going to try to attach this pic to this e-mail. If you don't get please give me a holler. Best, Steve Whalen

Sirs: In researching my family genealogy, I just received the attached photograph, without any supporting documentation. Our family (Clasen and Duff) had lived in and around Brooklyn from the late 1800's. We are not currently aware that any Clasen or Duff ancestors were fire fighters, but the gentleman driving the team pulling the engine pictured looks very much like my Grandmother, Rose Duff Clasen. Judging by the markings on the engine, it appears to be #205, which I find was at 74 Middagh Street, Brooklyn. The numbering suggests the photo was taken after the reorganization and renumbering of the FDNY on 1 January 1913, and the presence of the automobile ahead of the horses supports that time line. Is there any way you can help me identify the driver--whom I guess to be one of the brothers of Rose Duff Clasen, perhaps Thomas J. Duff, (1886-1952) or Harry Duff (1888-1973), or Ed Duff (born 1891). Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Likewise, if the photograph would be valuable to the Museum or to the Web-based Engine home pages, I would gladly seek permission for it's use. Again, many thanks. Michael Hofmann

I was looking for an internet email address of the firehouse "Engine 205 & Ladder 118" sent their two images taken during a trip to New York. And I came across your site very well done! If you wish to use one of my photos on your site you have my permission and the same opportunity if you have a contact address of the fire station, thank you for sending their images. These photo I liked the treatment and I thought it might be fun to these courageous person. sorry for my mediocre english, I'm Belgian, I speak french;) Thank you and good evening ERNEST Sebastian

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