Ladder Company 27 The Bronx

Ladder Company 27 was organized on June 1, 1904

I am sending you a picture of Ladder 27's Horse Drawn Ladder in front of the station. I do not have a time frame of when the picture was taken. My great Grandfather was afireman with the FDNY from 1906 to 1926. His name was Edwin or Edward Geary and he retired out of Eng Company 7. The picture was on my grandmothers desk for years until it was given to me after I became a Volunteer Fireman in Morningside Md, ironically at station 27 (Which I did not know was Ladder number in the picture till after it was given to me). I would hope you could use it to update your site on the Ladder 27 link. If you could also help me in finding any information about my grandfather, it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly, Carl R McKlveen Jr. Volunteer Firefighter Station 27, Morningside VFD.

by: DONALD VAN HOLT (Ladder 103 / Engine 216 / Ladder 108 Retired, 1983)

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