Ladder Company 17 The Bronx

Ladder Company 17 was organized on January 1, 1874

Bronx Third Alarm Box 66-33-2326 Ladder 17 2/16/05.
Kevin Molloy L17,Pete Grossmann L17 and Lt. Weiner L17 cov in the bucket.
Photo by: Juan Gonsalves.

4th Alarm on 146 and Amsterdam, in the winter of 1988. Danny Sheridan and Tom MacDowell in the bucket!

Subject: UNOFFICIAL FDNY PAGE Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 08:33:33 -0500 (EST) From: Don: Congratulations for your great achievement! What a pleasant surprise to see the FDNY on the website. I retired as the Captain of Ladder l7, in l976. I am sure, like all of us, that I will have some material for your page. Looking forward to typing to you soon! Mike Laffey

Mike Laffey

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