The Bronx 3rd. Avenue Marquee Collapse April 4, 1956 .

Furniture store,4065 Third Avenue,Bronx, near 175 street

Engine 48 operating hose line into sidewalk cellar door to right of marquee

Search and rescue after collapse

Marquee collapse pulled down parapet wall

Lt. John Molloy Engine 48,two firefighters from Engine 48, 2 firefighters from Ladder 44, and an Assistant Chief's driver

Funeral procession at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The largest loss of firefighter life in the history of the Bronx

3rd Ave. Bronx Collapse

April 4th, 1956 Box 4-4- 2904

Killed in the line of duty

Lieutenant John Molloy, Engine 48

Firefighter Edward Carroll, Engine 48

Firefighter Arthur Hanson Ladder 44

Firefighter Frederick Hellauer Eingine 48

Firefighter William Hoolan Ladder 44

FirefighterCharles Infosino Assistant Chief's aide Engine 18

Six killed 13 injured

Greatest loss of firefighter life in a Bronx collapse

Occupancy: furniture store and artificial flower factory (It was never a movie theatre)

Building Construction: One story 125' by 75', ordinary construction.

Location of fire: Fire started in the cellar and spread up the walls

Forty pieces of apparatus and 150 firefighters responded

Cause of fire: unknown

Cause of collapse: Marquee failed and pulled down parapet wall

Summary by: Kevin J. Reilly, Ridgewood New Jersey Fire Lieutenant, (Grandson of Lieutenant John Molloy, Engine 48)

For further reading: W N Y F, July, 1956 /vol.17 No.3

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