By Mike Boucher S.I. CO


BROOKLYN CITIZENS' MEDAL AND DEPARTMENT MEDAL Awarded to Fireman 2nd Grade Alfred J. Lees, H. & L. 170, for rescuing a man from drowning off the foot of Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, on March 28, 1940.

Upon being informed that a man had jumped into the Bay, Fireman Lees dove from the pier head and located the drowning man. This rescue was outstanding in that Fireman Lees had to "fight" the man whose life he was attempting to save. He succeeded in overcoming the drowning man and brought him to shore. The temperature of the water was ice cold and Fireman Lees not only had to be treated for exposure but also cuts of his leg and foot, received during the struggle with the drowning man.

THOMAS E. CRIMMINS MEDAL Awarded to Fireman 1st Grade Peter J. Bacenet, Engine Co. 257, for heroic work, at unusual Personal Risk, in effecting the rescue of an invalid woman from a fire at 414 4th Avenue, Brooklyn on February 1, 1965.

Fireman Bacenet, while off duty, was shopping in the store below the fire building. When he became aware that a fire had stared in the building, he directed two citizens to transmit the alarm; one from a street box, and the other to the firehouse which was across the street. Fireman Bacenet, realizing that the occupants were in danger, immediately entered the building hallway to warn occupants and make a search. Severe smoke and heat had already built up from the fire in progress. In spite of this, and without regard for his personal safety, Bacenet rapidly raced to the second floor and made a search for possible occupants. Finding no people on the second floor, he made sure all doors were in a closed position (to prevent rapid spread of fire) and ran up to the 3rd floor. As he passed through the intense heat and smoke, he heard cries for help coming from one of the apartments. Following the sound, he located an aged amputee in a wheel chair in one of front apartments. Picking her up, Fireman Bacenet made his way back through the smoke and heat to the stairway and carried her to the safety of the street. The above rescue was performed before any assistance could arrive, without the protection of a mask, and under dangerous conditions of rapidly spreading fire. There is little doubt that his actions resulted in saving the woman from injury and possible death. His courage and initiative are a credit to this department.

STEUBEN ASSOCIATION MEDAL Awarded to Firefighter Mark G. Boyd, Ladder 170, for heroic work at unusual Personal Risk in rescuing Mrs. Catherine Marino from a fire at 906 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn on October 13, 1988.

Firefighter Boyd and the other members of Ladder 170 responded to Box 2112, for a report of fire at 906 Rockaway Avenue. Upon arriving the found that somebody had pour gasoline in the public hallway of a three story occupied building. The fire had spread to the first and second floors via the hallway. Boyd's vented the windows on the first floor while Engine 283 was advancing the line. A woman on the top floor made her way to the window only to be trapped by the smoke and fire from the floors below. Mark seeing this, made his way up the fire escape of the adjoining building. He then kicked out the window of the fire building and walked window by window to the window with the trapped woman. He found the invalid woman; Mrs. Marino was removed via the tower ladder bucket. Mrs. Marino is alive today because of Mark Boyd and heroic actions.

Unit Citations

Ladder 170 acting Ladder 120, Box 7-5 1643, 0335 Hours, August 30, 1971, 474 Saratoga Avenue

Engine 257, Box 75-2199, 0845 Hours, January 2, 1980, 2130 Rockaway Parkway

Ladder 170, Box 75-2199, 0845 Hours, January 2, 1980, 2130 Rockaway Parkway

Engine 257, Box 75-2354, 1727 Hours, March 21, 1984, 542 E. 81st Street

Engine 257, Box 75-2219, 1250 Hours, November 22, 1987, 705 E. 93rd Street

Engine 257, Box 75-2195, January 30, 1992, 2125 Rockaway Parkway

Ladder 170, Box 75-2195, January 30, 1992, 2125 Rockaway Parkway

Honorable Mentions

Engine 257, Box 2263, 1034 Hours, June 21, 1982, 1199 E. 92nd Street

Ladder 170, Box 2263, 1034 Hours, June 21, 1982, 1199 E. 92nd Street

Engine 257, Box 75-2313, 0159 Hours, Jan. 7, 1985, 128 E. 57th Street

Ladder 170, Box 75-2313, 0210 Hours, Jan. 7, 1985, 128 E. 57th Street

adder 170, Box 2370, 2000 Hours, November 30, 1986, 718 E. 79th Street


1897 Gleason & Bailey 50' chemical ladder, #14B, December 15, 1897.
1871 Amoskeag 2 wheel hose reel, #4B, December 15, 1897.
1898 American 4th size steamer, #2619, in 1898.
1898 Holloway chemical engine, #5NY, from Ladder 23 in 1908.
1885 Woodhouse hose wagon, #38B, in 1904.
1898 Sabastan hose wagon, #68, in 1910.


#2619 a 1915 Christie tractor was placed under the 1898 American 4th size steamer Sept. 3, 1915.
1916 Mack hose wagon, #95, November 19, 1915.
1921 White/Pirsch city service ladder truck, #194, in 1921.
1923 American LaFrance 700 gpm, #4290, October 1, 1923.
1927 International hose wagon, #157, November 7, 1927.
1946 Ward LaFrance 750 gpm, #2202, November 26, 1946.
1953 Ward LaFrance 750 gpm, #3290, October 8, 1953.
1947 Mack 750 gpm used has hose wagon from Engine 71, #1148, June 26, 1958.
1962 Mack 1000 gpm, #1153 used from Engine 17, June 6, 1969.
1979 Mack 1000 gpm, #MP7927, July 7, 1980.
1997 Seagrave 1000 gpm, #SP9725, July 1, 1997.



SPECIAL ORDER                                                      New
York, February 11, 1919
          No. 28 

I       With deep regret, the death of Fireman Fourth Grade Fred Fempel,
of Engine Co. 257, is hereby announced to the Department. Fireman Fempel
died in Germany on January 25, 1919, of accidental gun shot wounds while
serving as private in Company C, 30th Infantry, U. S. Army.

II      The members of the Department extend their profound sympathy to
the family, relatives and friends of this splendid young Fireman and
Soldier who so nobly responded to the call of his Country.

The Department Order issued for the death of Firemam First Grade Fred




SPECIAL ORDER                                                      New
York, September 4, 1945
          No. 147 

I       With deep regret, the death of Fireman 1st grade Frank
Fiederlein, of Engine Co. 257, which occurred at 7.45 P. M., August 31,
1945, is hereby announced to the Department.
        Funeral took place from the John Metzner Funeral Parlor, 2890
Atlantic Avenue, Borough of Brooklyn, at 2 P. M., Tuesday, September 4,
1945. Interment at St. Johns emetery, Queens.
        Funeral escort provided.

The Department Order issued for the death of Fireman First Grade Frank


SPECIAL ORDER                New York, October 16, 1929
    No. 59

I               By direction of the Fire Commissioner the following is
directed, made and promulgated, to take effect at 9 A. M., October 18,

        Engine Company No. 257 is discontinued as a Combination Company
and reorganized as an Engine Company, equipped with a 2nd Size
American-LaFrance Gasoline Propelled and Pumping Engine and Hose Wagon
(single unit), and an International Harvester Hose Wagon and assignment
as at present.

        Hook and Ladder Company No. 170 organized, located at No. 1361
Rockaway Avenue, Canarsie, Brooklyn, equipped with an Auto City Service
Hook and Ladder Truck, and assigned to the 44th Battalion, 13 Division. 

        With this order are changes of assignments shown in Brooklyn
Supplements Nos, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and Queens Supplements Nos. 1,
2, 3, 4 and 5, and are issued with it. Changes shall be made on
Assignment Cards and Books with lead pencil, until new cards are issued.
                By Order of the Fire Commissioner.

                                    Joseph B. Martin 

            Assistant Chief of Department.

Captain Michael O'Kelly
Lt. Gary Chamberlain
Lt. Michael Marshall
Lt. Charles Young
FF. John Adinolfi
FF. Michael Bianco
FF. Robert Bollman
FF. Philp B. Ceparano
FF. Gerard R. Casey
FF. Edward Cutting
FF. Raymond Devine
FF. Andre Fletcher
FF. James Genovese
FF. Joseph Inglese
FF. Kevin P. Lynch
FF. Thomas Mastrodomenico
FF. Charles Murphy
FF. Jack Paglino
FF. Kevin Roth
FF. Shawn D. Roudi
FF. Michael Ryan
FF. Alphonse Trapanese
FF. Timothy H. Wodicka
FF. Daniel P. Woods


Capt. Timothy P. Joyce
Lt. Joseph Cavalieri
Lt. William R. Croak
Lt. William Grant
FF. Joseph Abruzzino
FF. Anthony Alberico
FF. Christopher Bopp
FF. Alexander Brown
FF. Bruce A. Clark
FF. John Farina
FF. John J. Flood
FF. David Giardina
FF. John J. Halleran
FF. Joseph A. Harris
FF. John Hinchey
FF. Matthew R. James
FF. Michael J. Keane
FF. Lawrence Keiley
FF. John P. Kopp
FF. Anthony M. Lombardo
FF. Richard Meeks 3rd
FF. Steven Mormino
FF. John Moschella
FF. Francis Nastro
FF. Robert C. Ostrander
FF. Paul Peterson
FF. Kevin Pfundstein
FF. John Polly
FF. Edward S. Purpora
FF. James L. Savarese
FF. David S. Simms
FF. Edward Slow
FF. Michael J. Sullivan
FF. Hector B. Tyler
FF. Joseph D. Walz

BC Isaiah Johnson
BC Ralph Leoce
BC Frank C. Montagna
BC Frank A. Sikorski

FF. Joseph Costello
FF. Edward McNoble
FF. Richard Tanner
FF. John Timpanaro


Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen

Chief of Department Joseph A. Casaburi

Lenore Koehler - Special Project Director

Milton Di Rienzo - Deputy Director Pension Bureau

Ira M. Kluger & Elsie Oberg
Co-President , Canarsie Historical Society

Charles S. Dono, 
Canarsie Historical Society, Vice President for Research

Mand Library, Randalls Island

The New York City Fire Museum

Micheal Boucher Fire Department Dispatcher
Writing & Designing the Centennial Book

Personal Touch Printing
Printing the Centennial Book

Steve White Fire Department Dispatcher
Designing the art work for the Tee shirt

Warren Fuchs 

Charlie Miller
Providing the list of apparatus

all Officers Members of the 15th Division
The past and present members of Engine 257 & Ladder 170

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